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Athens, Greece
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Greek Tourist Guides (under the sign GreekTouristGuides) are a group of passionate people who have set as their goal to show the beauty of the Greek destinations around the world.

We are individuals who truly love their country and respect all the tourists travelling in Greece either they are foreigner people visiting Greece on their vacations either they are Greek people who are travelling in their country on vacations.

That's why we try to inform - anyone who is interested - about Greek destinations, to provide them with valid travel tips, hotel's deals, experiences and details on the Greek cuisine and the gastronomy of Greece.

Our Values


Our mission is to help Greek or foreign travellers to meet Greece and visit all of its beautiful destinations.


Our vision came alive.
We've worked hard through the years and because of all you people we can now watching it pay off.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and for believing in us all through these years!

Travel in Greece - Ταξίδια Ελλάδα